Health & Safety

A core group value is the safety of everyone involved in our operations.

We believe all accidents and injuries are preventable, and we drive a culture where safety is an integral part of every business decision.

Our mature group-wide safety management system (SMS), certified to OHSAS 18001, contains legally compliant and best practice policies, procedures, guidance documents and forms, which aids in delivering consistent safety performance across all our sites and premises. Of equal importance in our drive for best practice is the implementation of our behavioural safety programme, ‘The Byrne Way’, which aims to touch the hearts and minds of our workforce, seeks to find out why people behave in certain ways and endeavours for our sites to be Incident and Injury Free (IIF).


Leadership is central to our health and safety approach.

We expect our leaders to be visible and passionate champions for health and safety. They willingly accept accountability for the safety of everyone working in their teams, and consistently set high standards through their behaviours.

Learning is an essential part of driving improvements in health and safety performance.

By sharing knowledge and learning from others – both within and outside our organisation – we help prevent incidents being repeated.

We believe safety and health are indivisible: an unhealthy or fatigued worker is an unsafe worker, and protecting, promoting and enhancing the health and wellbeing of our people is as vital as protecting their safety. We do this by identifying, and managing, the key occupational health risks to which they are exposed.

We are determined that our performance on health and safety should be one that can be admired and we believe we have an opportunity to lead our industry.

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