Tuesday 6 April 2010

Ellmer Safety Award Winner

An inspirational project that will create 12 new homes for people with epilepsy is taking shape on the Chalfont Estate of the National Society for Epilepsy in Buckinghamshire and has achieved one of the highest standards of safety in Byrne Group by winning the Ellmer safety award for 2010.

Mark Sellars, Operational Manager for Ellmer, is managing the life-changing project on behalf of charity BBuild Aid for Epilepsy. Two old houses that were vacant and had fallen into disrepair are being transformed into apartments, with a separate bedroom and shared living spaces for 12 people.

Mark has managed the project from inception through to completion with only one minor incident, no reportable accidents or environmental incidents, and is consistently achieving excellent quality on the project. As a result he won the Ellmer Safety Award for 2010.

Managing the sub-contract workforce is a little different from a standard project as most of the labour and materials has been donated or is being charged at actual cost, this has proven to be a challenge for Mark who had the unenviable task of driving the work force to work to high safety standards whilst appreciating that the sub-contractors were being incredibly generous. 

Mark says: ?Whatever we needed, it was there, I know times are tough at present, but this industry never fails to make me proud of how generous it can be.? Mark has constructed the project on the site of an operational hospital, which houses highly sensitive equipment, and along side other contractors which has proven to offer challenges in relation to logistics and programme, particularly in the demolition phase of the project.

Mark is described as a great team player, the sub-contractors have enjoyed working with him, and his exemplary attitude to delivering the project safely without compromise won him the Ellmer safety award for 2010, the criteria for which was a number of incidents or accidents, the aggregated outcome of the regular safety manager inspections on the project, the view of the Directors based on their monthly independent inspections, and of course, the voice of the workforce. Congratulations to Mark who is literally changing the face of safety at the National Centre for Epilepsy.

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